Summer DIY Lemonade Stand Idea / Kit with Labels

Posted by on May 26, 2015
Summer DIY Lemonade Stand Idea / Kit with Labels

With summer around the corner, little ones may be looking to earn some extra spending money. One fun way for them to earn an extra buck is to make a lemonade stand! Who can resist a cup of cold lemonade on a hot summer day? Help your child get set up with this Lemonade Stand Kit.

Lemonade Stand Printable KitThe kit includes a large sale sign to price the lemonade by the cup, labels for the lemonade pitcher, and labels for the lemonade cups.

You will need the following printables:
lemonade for sale printable and OL175 labels in matte white
fresh lemonade printable and OL875 labels in matte white

Lemonade Stand Printable KitThe fresh lemonade labels also come with 2 “ice cold lemonade” labels perfect for your lemonade pitcher and a spare if you sell out and need a fresh batch. Add the “fresh lemonade” labels to the front of your cups.

To dress up your lemonade space, create fun bunting and flags with colored labels. You will need OL75 labels in pastel yellow, pastel green, and true gray.

To make the bunting, fold colored labels in half over a piece of twine then cut into a triangle. To make the flags, fold a label in half over a toothpick then cut into a triangle.

Lemonade Stand Printable KitSet the lemonade stand supplies up and show off those labels. Fresh lemons are a nice touch to spruce up the space. The flags look cute standing on top of them. Hang the bunting between two bamboo sticks. They help draw the eye to the stand by blowing in the summer breeze. Finally, price the lemonade on the sign and get ready to start selling.

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