DIY Graduation Mason Jar Party Gifts / Favors + Free Printable

Posted by on May 5, 2015
DIY Graduation Mason Jar Party Gifts / Favors + Free Printable

Throwing a graduation party? Here are some fun ideas for your special graduate and party guests.

What better way to say “Congrats” to a grad than a mason jar filled with money? Cha-Ching! And don’t forget your party favors – pass out these adorable graduation mason jars filled with candy.

You make both of the jars the same way. All you have to do is fill one with cash for the grad and the other with candy for the guests.

This idea will be loved by anyone graduating preschool or even getting their PHD!

What You’ll Need:

Materials Needed for Graduation Craft DIY

How to Make:

Step 1With your black cardstock, cut 5/8” strips and 3.5” squares.  Need help measuring?

Graduation Craft Materials

Step 2Apply glue (or glue dots) to the outside of the Mason jar lid. Wrap one of your black cardstock strips around the lid. Snip off the excess.

Graduation Craft Materials - Glue, Jar, Scissors, Paper

Step 3Apply glue (or glue dots) to the top of the jar lid. Place your cardstock square on top.

Graduation Craft Materials

Step 4Use embroidery thread to make a tassel (or use the one you bought). Click here for my simple embroidery thread tassel how-to.

Graduation Craft Jar and Labels

Step 5Fill your jar with candy or money. If you’re giving money in the jar, roll each bill and tie it together with ribbon. I chose white ribbon to make the money the star of the show.

Step 6Download and print out the free graduation labels below.

Graduation Label Template #1Graduation Label Template #2


Step 7

Connect your embroidery tassel to the top of the graduation cap using a label. Cut off any excess thread.

Graduation Candy Jar

Step 8

Spell out congrats by sticking the alphabet labels around the rim of the cap.  Give your jar some personality with some stick on googly eyes.  (This is especially fun for the preschool graduates.)

(**Thanks to for the fonts on the labels)

Graduation Jar Eyes

Graduation Crafts DIY

Graduation Hat on a Jar w/ Tassel


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