Farmer’s Market 101: Tips you Need to Know to Increase Sales for your Small Business

Posted by on April 27, 2015
Farmer’s Market 101: Tips you Need to Know to Increase Sales for your Small Business

In recent years, we’ve seen people flock to their local businesses in the name of community support. Consumers feel more confident and rewarded buying from small mom and pop shops. Unsurprisingly, Farmer’s Markets have enjoyed a recent boom in popularity among crowds of all ages. Whether you are new to the farmer’s market game, or a veteran of the trade, chances are you’re looking for some marketing tips to help set your shop apart from the rest. We put together this brief guide to help give shoppers exactly what they’re looking for and improve your shop’s success.

Getting into the Market

Sign for Winter Park Farmer's Market

We visited the Winter Park Farmer’s Market to see what veteran vendors did to market their business.

There are few better ways to sell your homemade products than at the local farmer’s market. Getting a spot is usually very affordable. It’s easy to sell your products to the right crowd, plus, it’s a blast seeing new and familiar faces every week!

Many farmer’s markets follow similar rules when it comes to who they accept into their market. They often hold high standards when it comes to the shops they want to include. If you sell a quality product you shouldn’t have a problem getting in. Many markets limit the kinds of goods vendors can sell. One of our local markets, the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, limits vendors to selling produce, plants, dry goods, and other consumable products. See if your product fits the criteria of your local market. You can usually find this information on their website. You may even want to take a few trips to see what other vendors are selling and what shoppers are buying.

Give your Product a Unique Spin

A to Z Winter Park Farmer's Market

Coffee bean seller, A to Z uses for their unique line of coffee flavors.

What sets you apart from the other vendors? If you are selling a unique product, don’t be afraid to flaunt it. As I mentioned above, there aren’t too many different kinds of products allowed at the market. A to Z Coffee Roasters are an excellent example at how you can make a product stand from the crowd. Their exotic line of coffee beans are so unique, customers know they can’t find them in any other stall!

Build Relationships

Farmer's Market Busy Photo

Vendors who create a welcoming and friendly environment often see the most returning customers.

Part of the farmer’s market’s charm is it’s ability to establish a personal experience between shoppers and sellers. Try to chat with all of your stall’s visitors. Conversations build relationships. Relationships create repeat customers! Build a loyal following and these brand advocates will speak for your store.  You’ll see the amount of new and returning customers  steadily increase. You may even make some new friends along the way!

Take your business into the digital age with social media and email lists. Building your following online is one of the best ways to increase repeat business to your store. Never be afraid to ask for an email when you take a payment. You can place a sign-up list on your table and offer exclusive deals through newsletters and social media.

Make the Most Out of your Space

Farmers Market Coffee

Farmer’s markets generally don’t give you a ton of space to work with. And it makes sense. These venues are generally small and they try to accommodate plenty of vendors. This is where your organizational skills will really come in handy. Think about how you want to present your items to your customers. Consider displaying a small amount of your products and storing the rest under your table. Keep everything simple, organized, approachable, and place your most popular items front-and-center (doesn’t have to literally be in the font or in the center).

If you are ready to get started launching your farmer’s market shop to a new level of success, you can check out some more marketing tips we recommend you try. Use an product for your farmer’s market labeling? Take a picture and tag @OnlineLabels on Twitter or Instagram!


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