Top 5 Round Label Customer Creations

Posted by on April 23, 2015
Top 5 Round Label Customer Creations

Customer Creations is home to many a great label designs. Each of them, designed by one of our talented customers. We decided to pick out our top 5 favorite round label designs and bring them straight to you!

5. Soapeez Candle Labels

Round Tin Container Candle Labels by Soapeez Candles

Printed on OL5375WS

The labels Soapeez uses for their candles boast sweet fonts and colors to match.

4. Monthly Onsie Labels

Monthly Onsie Labels - First Four Months

Printed on OL7425WX

Labeling your infant has never been classier when they sport these round label designs.

3. Bergamot Cove Product Labels

Product Labels for Bergamot Cove

Printed on OL5525WI

Simple, yet beautifully designed. Colors and fonts definitely work well together!

2. 2Horse Concoctions Product Labels

Product Labels for 2Horse Concoctions

Printed on OL350BK

Printing on Brown Kraft was the key to making these equestrian concoctions pop.

1. Rockerbox Spice Co. Handmade Spices

Product Labels for Handmade Spices by Rockerbox Spice Co.

Printed on OL5375WX

Excellent typography, colors, and design makes Rockerbox’s Garlic Dust our number one round label design!

Disagree with us? Have a design you think deserves a top spot? Let us know what your favorite round label designs are in the comments. If you have your own, you can submit them to our Customer Creations page for a chance to win $10 off your next order. When you’re ready, be sure to browse all of our round label sizes and choose the one best for your project!


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