Establishing Your Brand With Labels!

Posted by on February 13, 2015
Establishing Your Brand With Labels!

If sales of your business are picking up, it may be time to think about reinforcing your brand with a logo. Adding logos to your items and packaging is a great way to set your product apart and gain some recognition. It brings professionalism to your company and will keep your business in customers’ minds. Ordering custom boxes can be pretty pricey, however. Luckily, labels can bring the same effect at a much more affordable price. To help you get a clearer vision, we’ve collected a few examples of how our customers brand their products with!

Plum Island Cookie Company

This company does several things to promote brand consistency with their packaging. The brown boxes, purple ribbons, and clear gloss labels all work together to help customers remember Plus Island Cookie Company after making a purchase!



Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox

This image does a great job in displaying logos across different products. They are consistent in their design and the slight variations does not distract from the brand.


North Star Pottery

North Star provides hang tags on each of their products with their logo. It is used to add an authentic handmade feel that matches each of the products they make.


Soak Essentials

Not every logo label has to be the same! Making slight changes in color and style can add a great effect to your product while still maintaining brand recognition.



If you are ready to begin branding your products and packages, check out our full assortment of label sizes. You can also check out our Customer Creations page to see more ways businesses like yours are representing their brands!

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