5 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas + Free Printables

Posted by on February 3, 2015
5 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas + Free Printables

If you are anything like us, you see Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to bring out the scissors and printer to do something creative. There are plenty of free printables out there to choose from that will bring flavor to your gifts. Below, you will find five fun templates that you can download or use for inspiration for your Valentine’s project!

Wine and Beer Labels

beer and wine labels

by Soho Sonnet

This may not be one for the kids to bring to school, but these labels are a great gift idea for a friend, significant other, or anyone else close to you (that’s of legal drinking age). You can use regular paper for this project, or use labels to save on glue and time! Check out our full sheet labels that you can print and cut any way you like.

Minecraft Printable for Hershey Mini

Minecraft Candy Labels

by Over the big Moon

It seems like Minecraft is what all the kids talk about these days. These templates are great for your child to give to their friends and classmates. Using a full sheet label with a diagonal backing, you can easily print, cut, and stick. It makes it a bit easier when you have to share with the whole class.

My Heart Pops For YOU

My Heart Pops For You

by Crissy’s Crafts

This adorable design can be used for topping off a mason jar or Ziploc bag filled with homemade or store-bought popcorn. This is another great way to use a full sheet label to save on tape and time if you plan to make a lot of these.

All That & A Bag of Chips

All That And A Bag Of Chips

by My Three Monsters

This printable makes for a quick and easy project that you can make for your kids. You can print this on normal printer paper,  cardstock or adhesive label sheets.

Love You to Pieces

I love your to pieces

by A Pumpkin & A Princess

These Father’s Day printables can easily be turned into a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for any Reese’s lover. Once again using our full label sheets, you can peel and stick onto whichever container you choose to hold the Reese’s Pieces!

Want to see more? You can also check out our full selection of Valentine’s Day templates that can be printed directly onto many of our label sizes!

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