Delish Blueberry & Peach Jam Recipe + Free Labels

Posted by on August 26, 2014
Delish Blueberry & Peach Jam Recipe + Free Labels

Jamming Through Summer – Recipe & Free Labels

Posted By: Matt Hamilton

Looking for a fun activity this summer that will prepare you for winter?  Our friend Lindsay at Love And Olive Oil made this amazing recipe for Blueberry & Peach Jam.   Lindsay is also really crafty so she included a free label printable design that she made for you to use on your jam.   These cute jam jars make great gifts or keep the jam for yourself, it will liven up your taste buds during the winter season.

Here is a look at the printable label design, just click on the image and you can download this printable for free!

blueberry peach jam labels printable


Get all the details including how she made the labels, where she purchased the jam jars and her special one of a kind jam recipe here.   Jam on!

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