How To: Make Your Own Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Posted by on July 29, 2014
How To: Make Your Own Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Want to add a personal touch to your wedding, baby shower, corporate event, birthday party or pretty much any gathering?  A simple low cost solution is making your own custom water bottle labels.  Below is a short list of everything you need to make your water bottle labels so you can refresh and wow your guests.


Here’s What You Need:

Water Bottles  – We suggest standard 16.9 oz bottles.

Nestle Bottled Spring Water - 1/2 liter (16.9 oz.) - 24 Bottles

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Inkjet or Laser Printer  – Be sure to choose a material that is compatible with your printer, we suggest a weatherproof material.

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Water Bottle Labels  We recommend that you measure your bottle circumference before you purchase labels.

Personalzied Water Bottle Labels
Label Template – Every label has a free label template on our site and if you order labels with us you will get access to our label software Maestro Label Designer.


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