How to Make Your Own Customized Water Bottle Labels

Posted by on April 17, 2013
How to Make Your Own Customized Water Bottle Labels

Written By: Dave Waring

Creating Customized Water Bottle Labels for a party or event is a lot easier than you may think it is.  It’s also a lot less expensive if you Make Your Own Customized Water Bottle Labels with blank labels from  That’s why we have put together this step by step process loaded with tips, free templates, and everything else you’ll need to help you create a professional looking Customized Water Bottle Label on a budget.  In the below steps, we will be using a 500ml Aquafina Water Bottle.

Step 1 – Decide if you are going to chill these water bottles. 

This is important because you WILL need a Weatherproof Label Material if you are planning on chilling these at all.  Chilling will eventually turn to condensation when you expose the bottles to warmer conditions.  And water and ink don’t normally play well together.  By choosing a Weatherproof Material, you’ll keep your design from running and could even throw your customized bottles of water straight into an ice bath or submerge them completely into water if you’d like.

Step 2 – Measure your Water Bottle.

Removing Water Bottle Label

Remove the water bottle label by peeling it off, starting with the top corner.

All you have to do to measure your water bottle labels is remove the label from your bottle and measure both the width and height of the label or watch our video “How To Measure a Round Container“.  Once you’ve got the measurements, go to this Water Bottle Labels page and find the right label size.

Measure the water bottle label's width and height

Measuring your water bottle label

Step 3 – Free Pre-designed Water Bottle Label Templates

There are a bunch of completely free Water Bottle Label Templates on this page.  Most of them are also compatible with Maestro Label Designer, so you can simply input the OL Product number of the label you are using at the start of your session and Maestro Label Designer will automatically load the design; sized to your specific label.  In this example, we are using an Aquafina 500ml water bottle.  A great Label for this bottle is the OL1985, an 8.5″ x 2″ label that comes (5) per page.

Step 4 – Click, Print, Stick.

Now that your labels are designed, measured properly and ready to go, all you have to do is print them out and apply them.  A few tips for applying these labels:

Applying a customized water bottle label

Apply your label by rolling it on the table.

Place your label on the table, sticky side up and place the water bottle over the label.  Once you’re sure that your label is straight, all you have to do is roll the bottle over the label in both directions and, viola; you’re all done!


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  1. LVL

    What about non-chilled water bottles with inkjet on water resistant labels, will the ink run if it gets wet?
    Is there a matte finish spray you can spray on labels prior to placing label on bottles and will this help?


      Hi Laurel,
      You can use the inkjet waterproof/weatherproof label material in your inkjet printer and the print will not run. Be sure to print on normal print quality rather than “best” print quality because the printer will over saturate the labels and potentially bleed ink. If you want to use a clear coat spray like “Krylon Preserve It” that works really well also.


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