Organize your move with Free Editable, Pre-Designed Moving Templates

Posted by on March 12, 2013
Organize your move with Free Editable, Pre-Designed Moving Templates

Are you in the middle of planning a big move?  We all know that packing up your home’s belongings is both a daunting and frightful task.  That’s why we’ve put together these unique Free Editable Pre-Designed Moving Label Templates that can help you create your own simple, clean, and effective Moving & Packing Labels on a budget.

We’ve also put together some really great tips and resources to help you organize your move, from start to finish.  And remember, keep calm and enjoy your new home!

Planning Ahead – Before the big move:

You’ll want to make sure you do this about a month or two in advance from your move.  Planning ahead is essential to maintaining an organized move and a little bit of work now can save A TON of stress during the big move.

Think about where you’re headed… not where you’re at now.  Before you start printing your labels, make sure you have a layout of the new home handy so you can use it as a road map.  This will allow you to plan where each box will end up, rather than where it is now, and will help prevent those “Where did I put that box?”  thoughts that often times creep up after a big move.

The Move:

Printables:  Now that you’ve got your road map laid out, you can get to work on your printables.  It’s a lot easier to place one identifying label on the outside of your box than it is to write the room and individual contents outside the box.  These Free Pre-Designed Label Templates from can be a huge help in this process. When you visit that webpage, you can find a few handy pre-designed label templates to help get you started.  These free templates come in the way of a convenient PDF that allows you to change the text so you can customize them for each room in the house.  These Free templates also print seamlessly onto product OL150 – a 4” x 3.33” rounded corner rectangle labelthat is affordable, starting at just $10.45 for 600 labels.  All you’ll have to do is fill out the PDF, place the sheet of OL150 into your printer, hit print from the PDF, and you’ll be one step closer to a clean, calm, and efficient move.

Free Kitchen Moving Label Template from

This Free Pre-Designed Template will help you organize your move!

Unpacking at the new place:

If you’ve done your work ahead of time, this step should be a lot easier than you thought!  It will probably never be this easy to get things organized also.  Take a look at some of these great ideas from our friends over at Organizing Made Fun and IHeart Organizing.  These ideas can help you stay clean and clutter free for years to come!


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  1. Sharene Pomnitz

    Years ago, I’m talking back in the 70’s, and to this day, I used color coded DOTS and made up a sheet describing which color dot goes where. I m glad to see that some one else is up on organizing. Where were you in the 70’s, 🙂

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