Customized Free Pre-Designed Wine Bottle Label Templates.

Posted by on February 15, 2013
Customized Free Pre-Designed Wine Bottle Label Templates.

Free Wine Label Templates

Now that you have perfected your wine it’s time to share the fruit of your vines with the world. While you may have spent long hours developing the perfect glass of wine, the next challenge is marketing your product. One of the biggest marketing decisions is the design and shape of your wine label. It is absolutely crucial to have a well-designed wine label so that your wine stands out on the store shelf and appeals to your customers.

Fortunately, has fast, affordable solutions to help you! Here is a small selection of our Pre-Designed Wine Label Templates to get your product ready for your special event or on the shelves faster:

Solar Fire Wine Label

Looking for a bit of sophistication and refinement from your wine label? The Solar Fire Wine Label is a perfect fit for high profile wines. Its cut and style adds a touch of sophistication to your wine bottle and will appeal to cultured tastes. This label is perfect for movie parties, weddings, and formal occasions. This Solar Fire Wine Label is recommended for bold reds and dry white wines.

Free Solar Fire Wine Bottle Label Template

This Free Wine Bottle Label Template is interactive and allows you to customize with any name you’d like.

Orange Cream Wine Bottle Label

This modern yet straight-forward design appeals to both high and low profile wine enthusiasts. The soft yellow and orange colors add a touch of warmth to your product. The Orange Cream wine bottle label could add the perfect splash of color to your white wine or some welcome contrast to your red wine.

Orange Cream Wine Bottle - Free Label Design Template

A modern, yet straight-forward Free Label Template.

Red Holiday Wine Label

Celebrate your holidays and festive occasions with the red holiday wine bottle label. The bold red is sure to add warmth and good cheer to any work party or special occasion. The circular logo and rounded corners of the label add fun and excitement to the design. This wine bottle label is perfect for dessert wines or fruity flavored wines.

Free Red Holiday Wine Bottle Label Template

This Free Red Wine Bottle Label is perfect for any holiday event.

Black Wine Bottle Wedding Label

Why stop at custom wine glasses and candles at your wedding when you can have your favorite bottle of wine decorated with your personal monogram and names? This elegant wine label is sure to add a touch of class to any event. The label is recommended for either red or white wines.

Free Wine Bottle Label Template for Weddings

Black Wine Bottle Label Template for Wedding.

You can grab all of these Free Pre-Designed Label Templates by visiting the Pre-Designed Label Templates section at Online Labels.  Also, keep in mind that if you have any type of wine that needs to be chilled, you should consider using a weather-proof material for your label.  A few recommendations for that material and purpose can be found right here.


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