How To: Create Your Own Labels For Candles In 6 Easy Steps

Posted by on January 25, 2013

Are you trying to Design Your Own Labels For Candles, but can’t figure out where to start?  First and foremost; don’t worry.  You’re not the only one that’s ever run into a design block and we’ve got plenty of resources here to help you Create Your Own Labels for Candles!

So where do you begin?  You can start by going to the Labels for Candles portion of’s Customer Creations section and browsing through some of the amazing ideas that were created by other customers.

After you’ve viewed other’s creations, follow these steps to Create Your Own Labels for Candles:

1. Look at the container that your candle is in and figure out WHERE to place your label(s).  Is your candle in a metal tin?  If so, you can place the label on top of the tin and/or on the sides.  Is your label in a glass container with a curved top?  It will be difficult to make the label fit correctly on that round top, so you should stick to just putting the label on the side.

Fresh Picked Candles Label from an Customer Creation.

This candle container has a rounded top, which makes it difficult to label. Therefore, the label was placed on only the side of the container.

2. Once you’ve decided where to place the label, you should pick a LABEL SHAPE.  Keep the shape of the container in mind when selecting a shape.  If your container is curved, with no straight lines on it, a round label may be the best way to go.  If your candle container has hard edges to it, you should avoid label shapes with curves and use square or rectangle shaped labels.

Customer Created Label Designs from Customer Creations section.

The front Candle Container here is a good example of a container that has hard, straight edges and is not very rounded. Notice the use of a square or rectangle label.

3. Now that you’ve got the location and shape in mind, grab a tape measure and measure the area you’d like to place your label. offers a size slider that makes it very easy to narrow your search and find the exact label sizes you’re looking for.

4. Choose your color scheme.  Start by looking at the color of the candle and choose a color scheme that you like to go along with it. By choosing your color scheme before hand, you give yourself the ability to be flexible now.  If you don’t like the scheme, it’s easier to swap a color for another now, rather than taking the time to change elements of the Label Design in the Design Software.

5. Figure out what type of design you’d like to use.  If you’re stuck on this step, go back to the Customer Creations section and look through the other Labels for Candles that have been created by customers.  Make note of the designs you like the best and take a closer look at the elements that make up the design. Are you going to place a monogrammed label on the candle?  Do you prefer to have an image or will the label be all text?  What was the label material like?  Did it have color to it?  Was it clear?  These are all questions you need to ask yourself in order to make the most of your design.

Favorite Scents Candle an Customer Creation.

This label uses an image as a background and has a bit of text over the top of it. Notice the use of their chosen color scheme (Black, White, & a Sepia Tone) that flows well with the tan colored candle and the white material.

6. Go create it! One of the easiest ways to design your own Labels for Candles is to use Label Design Software, Maestro Label Designer.  Simply choose the label shape that you picked in step 2 and Maestro Label Design Software will automatically load the shape for you.  From there, all you have to do is add your pre-selected colors, text, and images you chose in the previous steps.

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