Decorative Monogrammed Labels with Free Editable PDF Template

Posted by on January 15, 2013
Decorative Monogrammed Labels with Free Editable PDF Template

The label featured in the images is our new item #OL1761 it measures 2.5″ x 2.5″ – a decorative label that is perfect for monogramming anything. Get the free Pre-Designed customizable PDF template where all of the work has been done so you can easily personalize the monogrammed letters.  Make your custom monogrammed labels now, just download the template and change the text.

free monogram label template

Free Editable PDF Monogram Label Template

While we were thinking of what we could monogram, we realized that we were asking ourselves the wrong question.  The thought quickly turned from what could we monogram to what COULDN’T we monogram??

So here’s a quick list of some everyday items that would look great with this label design.

Candles, Gift Boxes, Wine Bottles, Mailing Labels, Envelope Seals, Homemade Jam Jars… really, you can monogram anything but these are probably the most popular things we’ve seen.  Did we miss anything?  If so, reply to this thread and share some great ideas with all of your fellow labelers!

Monogrammed Candle Template

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