Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest – Christmas Is Going To Be Ugly This Year

Posted by on December 21, 2012

Christmas is Ugly!

Today at we had a competition to find the employee with the ugliest sweater or the person with the most Christmas spirit.  Below are the contestants, please reply with your pick of the contestant that you like the most.  Feel free to comment on this post or on our Facebook page.

Happy Holiday’s!

Contestant #1

Matt with his circa 1985 vintage Gap snowflake sweater.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Contestant #2

Dave sported his green knit sweater with fancy candy cane vest, tie (the tie plays music) and St. Louis Cardinals Santa hat.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Contestant #3

Tj was proudly wearing his forest green knit sweater with snow flakes and bells.  TJ garnished his ensemble with a festive wreath hat.

Ugly Christmas Sweater With Bells

Contestant #4

Kevin is wearing an American Eagle hoodie with taped on cut out paper snowflakes.  He added some flair with with our most popular holiday label the Christmas Tree Label.

The Label Sweater

Contestant #5

Jake is the ladies favorite in this quasi nursing scrub top and wacky Santa hat.

Christmas Scrubs for Men

Please be sure to pick your favorite their fate is in your hands!


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