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Customized Lip Balm Labels created by an OnlineLabels.com customer

How To: Make Your Own Customized Lip Balm Labels

Step 1: Measuring the tube

Measuring a Lip Balm Tube for a Customized Lip Balm Label

This lip balm tube is being measured in order to customize a Lip Balm Label for it.

Remove the cap from your tube and measure the tube, starting a centimeter or two down from the bottom of the lid to the bottom of the tube.  Be sure to write these measurements down.

Wrap the tape measure around the tube now, to get the diameter.  If you don’t have a tape measure you can wrap a piece of paper around the tube, making a mark on the piece of paper where it overlaps.  Lay the piece of paper down flat and measure the beginning of the paper to the spot that you’ve marked down.

Now that you’ve got the tube measurements down, grab the cap and measure from one edge of the top of the lid, straight across to the end.  This is the circle label size you will need for the end of the cap.

Step 2: Find the right label.

Now that you’ve got your measurements written down, you are ready to find the right label size for this tube. OnlineLabels.com has an entire section devoted to lip balm labels.  This will make it easier to find an assortment of lip balm labels for the tube and cap that you just measured.  Simply input the measurements you’ve obtained in step 1 into the search function and you’ll get a list of all available label sizes that will fit your tube.

Here are a couple of our favorite label shapes:

OL 1102 – If your tube is approximately 2.125” x 2.125” there is a Tamper Evident Perforated Tab Label that will fit like a glove!  And because it has a perforated tab on it, your customers can be assured that their product has not been tampered with before they purchase it.

OL663 – For tubes measuring approximately 2.0625” x 2.15” the OL663 is another Perforated Tab Label that wraps around the entire tube.

Smearing: Because these Lip Balm labels will be handled a lot over the course of the Lip Balm’s use, smearing can occur on your design if you are not careful in selecting your Label’s Material. To prevent smearing, we recommend you use the following materials:

If you have the ability to use a Laser Printer, this Weatherproof Polyester Laser Label Material is our favorite option.  

If you have an inkjet printer, the weatherproof material comes in two different label finishes – a Gloss and a Matte.  If you’re not familiar with Gloss vs. Matte, please note that the Gloss finish will provide a very deep color saturation and spectrum, but some people do not like the shine it has.  The Matte finish will provide you with a flat finish, that will not have any shine to it, but the color saturation and spectrum range is not as great as a gloss finish.

You can grab the Weatherproof Matte Inkjet Labels here.

You can grab the Weatherproof Gloss inkjet Labels here. 

Step 3: Design the label

When selecting your label, make sure you get a page color that you’d like to use.  For example, if you want a blue background for the lip balm label, it is best to find a blue color label that you like and print any designs over the blue.  This way, you will save a TON of money on blue ink.  You’ll also end up with a better looking label because you won’t be placing a bunch of ink on one spot for a background color – which tends to smear or curl the page due to the large amount of saturation in one area.

Using Maestro Label Designer – A free label design software provided with every purchase from OnlineLabels.com - select the OL product number that you’ve purchased for your lip balm label and a blank label template will pop up with the outline of your label shape.  Each product number’s shape is pre-loaded into Maestro to take the guess work out of printing your labels.  You can also upload any photos or graphics that you’ve already created and resize or position them wherever you’d like on your label.

Step 4: Print and apply

Once your design is finished, all you have to do is print them out and apply.  We’ve got some pretty great resources for you to check out at our newly remodeled Label Learning Center, so head there if you need more help still.

We’d also love to see what you’re working on!  So much so that we’ll give you a $10 reward code good toward your next purchase when you submit an approved image of your creation.  Just visit this link to the Customer Creations section of OnlineLabels.com.