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Labels Help Change The Way Homes Are Built

Labels Play Key Role In Building Futuristic Structures

By: Matt Hamilton

What does a 3D Printer, a bunch of metal rods, and labels have in common?  Well in most cases these items have nothing in common, unless you’re architect of the future Brian Korsedal from ArcologyNow.com.   Brian is using labels from OnlineLabels.com to organize the process of erecting his unique one of a kind structures.

How does it work?

arcology now steel frame labels

Brian and his team use special software called “The Universal Constructor” that can recognize any shape that is uploaded/scanned into it.  The software then turns the image into a 3D model made of tiny little bars called a steel space frame.   Each bar is then fabricated by Brian and then labeled with a assembly location code generated by his design software.  The labels are critical to the process of building these one of a kind structures that Brian says are “Simpler to assemble than IKEA furniture”.

arcology now labels

This technology could change the landscape for building homes, temporary housing, and the shape of our cities skylines.

Watch Them Build:

Special thanks go out to Brian for making us aware of this unique use for labels.   His story is unique, creative and inspiring.