Crafty Holiday Gift Ideas

20 Crafty Projects for the Holidays + Free Printables

Crafty Holiday Projects & Printables

If you’ve been following our blog this holiday season, you’ve probably seen plenty of blog posts from Crafty Hangouts on crafts you can make for the Holly Jolly Holidays. This collection of DIY holiday gifts ideas are fun, easy and fast.  So we’ve rounded up all those posts for you below. As a bonus we’ve also added in some of our favorite free holiday themed printables.  Be sure to share the love with all of your friends :)  Happy Holidays!

  1. Gourmet Popcorn Gift 
  2. Scented Salt Scrub in a Jar
  3. Christmas Gifts Using Labels
  4. Bookplate Gift Set
  5. Personalized Holiday Gifts with Labels
  6. Monster Finger Puppet Kit in a Jar
  7. Personalized CDs or Discs
  8. Christmas Mason Jar Labels
  9. Cinnamon Cocoa Mix in a Jar
  10. Snowman Gift in a Jar
  11. Faux Tintype Photo Box
  12. Christmas Tree Sharpie Mug
  13. Lemon Curd Gift
  14. Cinnamon Applesauce Ornament Kit in a Jar
  15. Quick and Easy Holiday Gifts
  16. Holiday Star Luminary
  17. Light Up Wall Art
  18. Hot Chocolate Kit Gift
  19. Fun Dough Gift in a Jar
  20. DIY Instagram Shirt

Free Holiday Printables

Click on the designs below and download the free PDF printable templates.  We have printables for your gifts, you can wrap water bottles, mini Hershey’s chocolate bars and more!

DIY gift card holder

Christmas Gift Stickers

Holiday Gift Stickers

santa gift tag labels












Santa Gift Tag Labels

Seuss Handmade Gift Christmas Label Design

Handmade Gift Labels

OL1763 - 1.75" x 3" - Complimentary Holiday Gift Tag Labels - To: & From:

Holiday Gift Tag Stickers


Christmas CD / DVD Labels

Christmas/Holiday CD Labels


Christmas Themed Water Bottle Labels Printable

Assorted Christmas Themed Water Bottle Labels Printable


To and From Christmas Gift Tag Labels

Christmas Elf To and From Christmas Gift Tag Labels


Christmas Elf Assorted Printable Round Stickers

Christmas Elf Assorted Printable Round Stickers


Mini Chocolate Candy Bar Christmas Printable

Mini Chocolate Candy Printable Magical Elf Christmas Party


 North Pole  & Elf  Candy Cane Flags Printable Label

North Pole Candy Cane Flags Printable Labels


Christmas Bag Toppers for Elf Munch & Reindeer Noses

Christmas Bag Toppers Label Printable for Elf Munch


Once you’ve got all of your labels printed, checkout the party printables below.  These printables are great for your holiday party photos and photo bombs.   This collection of printables work best when printed on full sheet cardstock material and then cut with scissors.

North Pole  Breakfast Welcome Banner Printable

North Pole Christmas Welcome Banner Printable


Elf Hat & Hair Holiday Printable Photo Booth Prop

Elf Hat & Hair Holiday Printable Photo Booth Prop


Mustache, Bow Tie, Kissy lips Photo Booth Printable Props

Mustache, Bow Tie, Kissy lips Photo Booth Printable Props


Reindeer Antlers & Red Nose Printable Photo Booth Prop

Reindeer Antlers & Red Nose Printable Photo Prop


Santa Beard Photo Booth Prop Printable

Santa Beard Photo Prop Printable


Santa Hat Printable Christmas Photo Booth Prop

Santa Hat Printable Christmas Photo Prop

Make Custom T-Shirt

Easy Teen Gift: Custom T-shirts made with Iron-On Transfer Sheets

Making gifts for a teenager can be difficult. Their interests seem to change with the month, and whatever gift you pick out at the store will inevitably be uncool by the time it’s unwrapped.

But don’t resort to buying them a gift card just yet, because this video from +Tanner Bell is sure to inspire you with it’s easy D.I.Y approach to gifting for teens.

In the video below, Tanner shows us how to use OnlineLabels’ Iron-on Heat Transfer Papers to create a custom t-shirt. What’s great about this craft is you can print whatever design you’d like at home using an inkjet printer. Then, all you need is a regular household iron to transfer the image to any piece of clothing.

Have a look at Tanner’s blog post here.

Header Image Credit: oatsy40/Flickr Creative Commons


Christmas Mason Jar Gifts + Free Printables

Mason jars are really handy for crafting for Christmas. You can fill them with almost anything: soaps, candy, cookie baking mix. And then all you need is a happy holidays circle label to dress up your jar.

In the video below +Marty Walden shows us how to put this gift together. You can check out her blog at to get some free holiday printables designed for this craft.

Autumn Fall Printable Label Collection

Thanksgiving Autumn Leaf Free Printables!

Fall Printables

The leaves have changed color, cool weather has swept in and Thanksgiving is just around the corner — Fall must be here. And to celebrate the crisp coming of Autumn, we’re releasing some festive Autumn printables just in time for Thanksgiving.

Fall Autumn Leaf Printable Labels

These 2″ circle labels are great for cupcakes, jars and more.

Fall Leaf Mini Candy Bar Printable Labels

These 2.5″ x 1.563″ Autumn Leaf candy bar wrappers are perfect for Hershey’s Mini candy bars.

Autumn Leaf Themed To: & From: Gift Tag Labels

Give gifts with these 3.75″ x 2.438″ Autumn Leaf Themed To & From Gift Tags.

Happy Autumn Bag Topper Labels

These 7.75″ x 4.75″ Treat Toppers are perfect for party favors.

Fall Themed Round Labels For Chocolate Kisses

Add a cute fall theme to your chocolate kisses with this .75″ free circle label printable.

Happy Autumn Decor Sign

Print this 8.5″ x 11″ Happy Autumn sign and put it in a frame for a festive theme in your home or office.

Fall & Autumn Themed Water Bottle Labels Printable

And, of course, these “Happy Autumn” Water Bottle Labels are simple and easy way to dress up your fall events.

Click here to go to and get all these free templates.


The Perfect Gift for Bookworms: Bookplates Labels

If you’re planning on giving the book lover in your family yet another book this year, you’ll want to check out these beautiful bookplates by +Erin Sipes.

These beautifully designed bookplate labels will make your gift seem a lot more thoughtful and personal. All you need is a printer and a few label sheets to complete this project because the label designs have already been created for you.

Click here to view Erin’s blog and get these free printable label designs. And check out the video below to see more on this project.