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Inside the World of Vaping: a Subculture and Growing Market

Vaping Jargon & Facts

By: Brittany Morrisey

E-cigarettes are all the rage these days as more and more smokers continue to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Since their introduction into the United States in 2007, the devices have created a $1.5 billion industry that is expected to eventually surpass the sales of traditional cigarettes.

Also known as e-cigs, these little electronic devices were invented in China by a pharmacist who wanted to create a safer way for smokers to get their nicotine fix without breathing in all the harsh chemicals of regular cigarettes. Rather than breathe in smoke, users breathe in a vapor  composed of water, nicotine, flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.  The concoction is called ‘vape juice’ that comes in a multitude of flavors including bubblegum, vanilla and mint.

Additionally, enthusiasts of  e-cigarettes are known as ‘vapers’ (See a trend here?). And these smokers are not quitters.  In fact, this group of consumers are repeat buyers who want access to the newest e-cig technology that allows them to customize their smoking experience from the flavor down to the creative custom bottle labels.

Meanwhile, the Federal Drug Administration and other health groups have been closely watching the growing e-cigarette movement, and they want to completely change how the products can be labeled and marketed.

filling an ecig clearomizer

Photo Credit: Filling an e-cig clearomiser. Credit: Jon Williams/Flickr Creative Commons

FDA Rules on E-Cig Labels & Controversy

Currently, the FDA does not regulate the labeling of e-cigarette products. But that won’t last long as the governmental body is working on rules to regulate the labeling, marketing and distribution of the products.

Meanwhile, health groups and local governments have called for a ban on vaping in public places .

E-cigarette detractors are mostly hung up on two issues:

1. Whether the long term use of the product is safe or at least significantly more safe than smoking analog cigarettes.

The Jury is still out on this one.  There haven’t been any long-term studies to measure the safety of e-cigarettes. Contrary, studies haven’t conclusively proven that people who vape are harmed by smoking e-cigs.

2. Whether the product is helping people who are are already cigarette smokers get a safer way to get a nicotine fix or inviting a new generation to get hooked on nicotine.

According to U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D- West Virginia),  e-cigarettes are prime for being marketed to children because e-cig fluid comes in fruity flavors.

This is not supported by any real evidence and is just speculation.

So, the jury is still out on this one, too.

Nonetheless, whether supported by fact or suspicion, e-cigarettes will be eventually regulated by the powers that be.

Meanwhile, despite all the detractors, it doesn’t seem like the vapor will clearing up anytime soon.


E-Cig Jargon for Newbies

Analog cigarette- Those traditional cigarettes with the cancer warnings on the package

Atomizer- The part of the e-cigarette that heats the vape juice and turns it into vapor to be inhaled

Cartridge (Cart) – The part of the e-cigarette that holds the vape juice

Vape Juice, E-juice, E-liquid, E-cig fluid – A mix of   water, nicotine, flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that is heated up and turned into vapor for the smoker to inhale.

Dipping- The process of of adding vape juice into the e-cigarette atomizer that uses an exposed wick. The wick is dipped into as small amount of vape juice to absorb it.

Direct Dipping- Instead of dipping, you’re dropping a small amount of liquid into the e-cigarette atomizer.

Throat Hit- The sensation the user feels when inhaling e-cig vapor. Different e-cigs and vapor juices produce stronger or weaker sensations in the throat.

Vapor drop-off- When the amount of vapor produced by the e-cigarette is significantly reduced due to a dry cartridge, low battery, or a broken atomizer.

More definitions here.

If you have an interesting fact about some vaping jargon please feel free to post it in our comment section.

Halloween Printable Kit

Free Halloween Printable Party Kit – Orange & Black

6 Free Halloween Printables For You :)

For this Halloween we’ve got a great collection of free printables so you can dress up your treats.   Below you will find multiple freebies so you can wrap your favorite treats like Hershey Mini’s  and Kisses.    We’ve also added printables for Tic Tac boxes, water bottles, bag toppers and more!  Click on the images below to download the printable for free :)  Be sure to check out our DIY Halloween Printable Design Mash Up.

Halloween Hershey Kiss Labels

Print these on .75 inch round labels the fit the bottom of the Kisses perfectly.

halloween hershey kiss labels

Halloween Hershey Miniature Chocolate Bar Labels

Print these designs on the 2.5″ x 1.563 labels and then wrap around your favorite mini chocolate bar.

Halloween Hershey Mini Candy Bars

Tic Tac Mint Box Labels

Print the design below on the 3.75″ x 1.4375″ labels.  This design will wrap both sides and over the top flap of the mint box.

Halloween Labels Tic Tac Boxes OL1809

Halloween Treat Plastic Baggie Topper

Put your favorite treats in a plastic baggie and seal the top with this bag topper.   Print this design on the 7.75″ x 4.75″ labels and click the image below to download.

Halloween Bag Treat Topper Labels

Halloween Water Bottle Labels

Wrap your favorite plastic water bottle with this design.  Print on 8.1875″ x 1.375″ labels, just  download the design below and off you go.

Halloween Water Bottle Labels

Round Decorative Halloween Labels

Print the design below on 2 Inch round labels and stick them to anything you want to give a festive feeling to.

halloween labels 2 inch circle

DIY Halloween Mashup – Printables & Crafty Ideas

Spooktacular Halloween Ideas

We’re ready for Halloween, how about you?  We’ve got a spooktacular mashup of different Halloween party ideas and printables for you to use and share with your friends.   Featured below are a bunch of free templates and printables from the best designers around the web.

 Halloween Water Bottle Labels + Free Printable

Printable Halloween Themed Water Bottle Labels.  These labels are perfect for sticking to multiple bottle sizes including 8 oz and 16.9oz water bottles.

Halloween Water Bottle Labels - Free Printable

Click on the image below to download the water bottle label printable.

Halloween Water Bottle Labels Printable Monster Mash Theme

Cute Hershey Mini Chocolate Bar Printable Labels

Printable Monster Mash Mini Chocolate Bar Labels stick these cute labels to your favorite Hershey miniature chocolate bars.

Hershey Mini Chocolate Labels for Halloween

Click on the image below to download the mini candy bar label printable.

Halloween Monster Mash Mini Chocolate Bar Printable Labels

Lollipop Label Flags

Turn your standard lollipops into cute Halloween favors with these free “Happy Halloween” printable labels.

Lollipop Flag Labels

Click on the image below to download the lollipop label printable.

Happy Halloween Lollipop Stick Flag Labels

 Have A Ball On Halloween

This cute collection of Halloween themed Ball jar labels brought to you by Malia at Yesterday On Tuesday and our friends at Printabelle.  This collection features a mini banner, bats, to: & from: invitations, and round jar lid labels.  You can print these designs on full sheet labels and stick them or on cardstock material.  Use them for parties, decor, crafts and gift giving.  Click on the image below to find all of these great Halloween printables.

Free Halloween Mason Jar Printables

2 Liter Soda Bottle Labels

Print these cute label designs out on these 4″ x 5″ labels so you can transform your everyday 2 liter soda bottle into a magical Halloween potion.  This will only take you minute to do but everyone will love your attention to detail.


Click on the image below to download the soda bottle label printable.

Halloween Soda Bottle Labels 2 Liter

 Creepy Eyeball Labels

Print this creepy eyeball label onto the 1.5″ circle labels.  You can stick the eyes to jars, gift bags or candy.   View the entire DIY project from The Country Chic Cottage here.

Trick or Treat Halloween Party Game -- let each person choose a jar for a trick or a treat.  The trick is they are all tricks that are treats!  Click to see!

Click on the image below to download the eyeball labels printable.

eyeball labels


Build A Monster!

This cute printable collection allows you to print out all different parts of a monster including the body, legs, mouth, eyes, and even horns.  Assemble them to make your own personalized monster!  Print the designs out on paper and use a glue stick or you can print on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock material and adhesive full sheet labels.  You can even make your own “Pin the horn on the monster” game.   These designs were created by Joan from Bitsy Creations.  See the full post on Some What Simple.

Build A Monster Printable Collection


6 Halloween Printables

Choose from Hershey Kiss Labels, Water Bottle Labels, Tic Tac Labels and more!

Halloween Printable Kit


Hello Fall Party Logo

Hello Fall! – Party Printables, Ideas, Supplies & More

Falling into Fall

Summer is leaving most of us, Fall is setting in and Football season is in full swing.   Most of America is preparing for the holiday season or throwing a tailgating party.   During the summer you might have seen my Sangria Party post featuring some great printables and party ideas.  I used some party supplies from that our blogger friend Jane from My Squeaky Sneakers was keen on, so she decided to do her own post.

I plucked some pictures from her post featuring our labels and Susty’s supplies all wrapped up with Jane’s creative touch.   I’ve also included links to download the printable labels featured in this post below.

Cutlery Packets

These packets were made from brown lunch bags and stuffed with an assortment of yellow embellished items from Susty Party.   If yellow is not your color don’t worry they have quite a selection.   The label designs Jane made really make the packets “pop” with color.

Party Cutlery - Wooden

Goodbye Summer Hello Cake - Flowers

Cool Down Drink Up Labels

Budget Friendly Flower Arrangements

Wrap any vase or pot with some decorative tissue paper, secure it with twine and personalize it with a label.  #cuteness

Celebrate Summer Flower Labels

Susty Party Yellow Cups & Straws

Summer & Fall Printable Labels

It doesn’t matter if it feel like Summer or if it feels like Fall we’ve got you covered with two different printable collections.  The collections include all of the labels featured above plus some long skinny labels for wrapping your plastic water bottles.  All you need to do is print, cut and peel!

Fall Party Printable Labels

Summer BBQ Printable Labels

Thanks for reading be sure to share this post with your friends and pin your favorite images.





Fun Halloween Party Game + DIY Take Home Party Favors

Fun Halloween Party Idea & Free Printables

Liven up your Halloween party with this fun trick or treat party game that includes creepy edibles like Monster Slime, Worms, Spider Legs and more.  This fun game was dreamed up by our friend Angie Holden from The Country Chic Cottage, she can do just about anything with a Ball Mason jar.   Included in her post is a free set of printable eyeball labels that fit the top of the jars perfectly.  If you just want to have cute party favors these jars also make a great take home gift for your guests.

Trick or Treat Halloween Party Game -- let each person choose a jar for a trick or a treat.  The trick is they are all tricks that are treats!  Click to see!


Here are some great ideas for what you can put into your jars.

  1. Bat Eyes — mini chocolate chips
  2. Vampire Fangs — red Mike and Ike candy
  3. Monster Slime — green jello
  4. Witch’s Warts — green Mike and Ike candy plus some green Dot candy
  5. Worms — gummy worms
  6. Frog Eyes — green grapes
  7. Spider Eyes — yogurt covered raisins
  8. Spider Legs — chocolate licorice cut into smaller pieces
  9. Pumpkin Teeth — candy corn
  10. Frog Bones — yogurt covered pretzels
  11. Blood — red jello
  12. Ghost Poop — mini marshmallows

Trick or Treat Halloween Party Game -- let each person choose a jar for a trick or a treat.  The trick is they are all tricks that are treats!  Click to see!

Supplies You’ll Need:

Trick or Treat Halloween Party Game -- let each person choose a jar for a trick or a treat.  The trick is they are all tricks that are treats!  Click to see!

Read the full post with all of the tips and tricks (no pun) so you can make this fun, affordable Halloween party game that doubles as creepy take home party favors.