baby monthly growth labels necktie

Free Pregnancy/Baby Growth Progress Labels & More!

Get Ready To Be The Best Mom & Dad Ever

If you have a bun in the oven or just had a little munchkin, we’ve created a list of great resources for you.  In this post we have everything from free printable labels that come in a cute necktie shape or circular shape that works great for sticking to your bump or baby so you can photo document growth.  In addition we’ve included some great ways you can use a variety of labels to get organized and keep track of your childs property at daycare.

Baby Boy Necktie Growth Progress Sticker Labels

Print these cute decorative neckties in your laser or inkjet printer and print on full sheet labels.  Once you print the labels just cut with your favorite scissors or an X-ACTO knife then stick the labels onto your little guys shirt, onesie or bib.   These label designs are also a cute way to do a gender reveal, all you do is pick the month and stick it to your baby bump.  Now snap a shot and post it for the world to see your favorite social network.   Click on the images below to download these FREE printable templates.

baby photo age label tie 1-4 months baby boy photo age label tie 5-8 months baby boy photo age label tie 9-12 months

Round Unisex Baby & Baby Bump Growth Progress Sticker Labels

Print these cute 3 inch circle monthly progress labels in your printer. Peel and stick them to your baby bump or little one’s shirt, dress, or onesie.  Click on the images below to download the PDF file for FREE!

baby girl onesie labels month 1-6

baby girl onesie labels month 7-12

Be Creative & Get Organized

From waterproof Sippy Cup Labels to Baby Closet Dividers, our customers are finding amazing ways to stay organized with their new little ones.  Here is a quick photo roundup of what you can find in the baby area of Customer Creations section.

Baby’s Closet Clothing Dividers

Organize your baby’s closet with clothing dividers and personalized labels.  Print your design on our clothing divider labels.

His Glory Closet Clothing Divider Labels

Sippy Cup Labels

With every order you get free access to our label templates and design software Maestro Label Designer.  Just add your childs name and a cute graphic to create personalized sippy cup labels.  We suggest using our one of our weatherproof label materials for label longevity.

sippy cup bottle labels waterproof



Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

Are you hosting a baby shower?  If so, a popular trend is to make personalized water bottle labels.  Chances are you’ll be serving water at your shower so why not dress it up with a cute label, we guarantee your guests will be impressed.  If you’re not sure what to do get inspired and take a look at more water bottle labels created by our customers in our Customer Creation section.  Browse our different water bottle label sizes here, so you can start your own creation.

8oz Water Bottle FavorSweet Safari Design Water Bottle Labels


Baby Coke Bottles with Labels

If you love drinking Coke and want to serve it at your shower, some grocers sell miniature sized “baby” bottles.  It’s easy to personalize these bottles, all you need is a label template from our site and we suggest using a waterproof label material when you print so the writing won’t bleed or smear when the labels get wet.

Baby Shower Old Fashion Coke Bottle Labels


Baby Shower Take Home Favors

Everyone loves to get showered with gifts, so give a gift to your friends that attend your shower.  The gift can be anything, below we feature some cute honey jars with personalized labels.  The next time you see anything cute think about sticking a personalized label on it as a thoughtful gift.

The Honey Jar's Baby Shower Labels

DIY Teacher Gift Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Holder Teachers Gift + Back To School Clip Art

DIY Teachers Gift That is Awesome!

Looking for a great teachers gift that won’t cost you a fortune?   If you ask, kids and teachers will tell you that the most coveted item at school is a pencil.   Pencils so are easy to lose and often fall victim to pencil fighting or the sharpener.  Before you know it all of the pencils have vanished.  Below are some photos from the crafty ladies at Anders Ruff, along with a list of things you need to make this cute pencil holder.


Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. Pencils the more the merrier :)
  2. Upcycled & cleaned food or soup cans
  3. Full sheet labels (cut them down to fit the can)
  4. Scissors
  5. Ruler

This is what you’ll make!

pencil holder teacher gift


"Teacher" Pencil Labels

Perfect Teacher Gift Pencil Holder

Be sure to check out the Anders Ruff Blog here for the full tutorial and free printables labels.

Fun royalty free back to school clip art

Clip Art Apples

Apple Clip Art


Pencil Clip Art



Chalkboard Clip Art

Chalkboard Clip Art


Random School Related Clip Art

student reading clip art


Browse our entire collection of royalty free clipart here.  Have a wonderful school year!

make your own bleach shirt

Make A Bleach Spray T-Shirt – Fun DIY 5 Minute Project

Spray On Your T-Shirt Designs

Posted By: Matt Hamilton

Have you seen the bleach spray t-shirt craze that is sweeping the internet?  Our good pal Angie Holden at The Country Chic Cottage  put together a great step by step guide to show you how to make a bleach shirt in 5 minutes with a couple of household items.

The idea came to her when she couldn’t find a use for some leftover triangle labels so rather than waste labels she upcycled them and put together a cool geometric pattern on a blue shirt.

bleach-spray-shirt-in minutes

Make Stencils With Labels

Pick a label from our standard label size list or use a full sheet label and cut with scissors. If you want to create a really elaborate design, use your Cricut or Silhouette machine.  Next peel the label from the sheet and stick it on the shirt to create a pattern, then spray the bleach.

stencils for bleach spray shirt

Supplies You’ll Need:

The supplies to make a bleach spray shirt are as follows.

Spray Bottle
Labels (for stencil design)



See full tutorial with resource links and more at The Country Chic Cottage blog.


blueberry peach jam recipe with jar labels

Delish Blueberry & Peach Jam Recipe + Free Labels

Jamming Through Summer – Recipe & Free Labels

Posted By: Matt Hamilton

Looking for a fun activity this summer that will prepare you for winter?  Our friend Lindsay at Love And Olive Oil made this amazing recipe for Blueberry & Peach Jam.   Lindsay is also really crafty so she included a free label printable design that she made for you to use on your jam.   These cute jam jars make great gifts or keep the jam for yourself, it will liven up your taste buds during the winter season.

Here is a look at the printable label design, just click on the image and you can download this printable for free!

blueberry peach jam labels printable


Get all the details including how she made the labels, where she purchased the jam jars and her special one of a kind jam recipe here.   Jam on!

7 Fun Facts About Teachers

7 Fun Facts About Teachers

(Photo credit: US Department of Education)

Posted by Kevin Chung

If you haven’t been following our #MakeEducationStick campaign, you should check out a few of the articles we released: 5 Creative Lesson Plans & Activities for the New School Year, Five Fun and Creative Classroom Organization Ideas, and How To Save On School Supplies – For Teachers. This time we are presenting 7 fun facts about teachers. Whether you are a teacher or know a teacher, we hope you enjoy these!

1. Teachers Have Been Hearing the Dog Ate My Homework Excuse Since 1905


Photo by rpavich

2. Teachers Have to Check Their Seat Before Sitting Down

3.  10 Famous People Who Used to be Teachers: Gene Simons, Alexander Graham Bell, Sting, Robert Frost, Lyndon Johnson, Art Garfunkel, John Adams, J.K. Rowling, Mr. T and Sylvester Stallone


Photo by Sezzles

4. Teachers Wish They Could Take a Red Pen to Facebook Posts


5. Teachers are One of the Few People Who’ve Used One of These


Photo from Amazon

6. Teachers are Very Familiar with Five Letters of the Alphabet

7. The Teachers on Pinterest Hub has 94k+ Followers

Screenshot of Teachers on Pinterest

If you enjoyed this article please share it with others! Let other teachers know how much we appreciate them.

Bonus Facts:

  • Number of Original Excuses Students Use for Not Having Their Homework (0)
  • Percentage of Students That Bring Apples for Their Teachers (0% because it’s 2014)
  • Percentage of Teachers That Do it For the Pay (0%)
  • Percentage of Teachers That are Underpaid/Underappreciated (100%)